Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

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Do you ever wonder why you can’t lose weight?  Well, I do all the  time.  I think for me it is because I am not truly committed.  I seem to commit with every new year that comes around just like half of America.  I personally would like to lose 25 pounds.  To some, that may not be a big number to lose but it feels like it when you have to change your eating habits.  In my mind, I think about fried chicken, BBQ and hamburgers that I love to pick up and eat without thinking about the calories they amount to.

Probably, for half of America there probably was a time when we could stuff all those calories down and not worry about gaining one pound.  As woman, we go on to marry and have kids which I think we can agree that these items alone account for the majority of our pounds that have been gained.  We all hang on to that funny saying that we are simply still trying to lose our baby fat from giving birth years ago.

I must say, when it comes to food, there is a lot to sacrafice especially if you love food.  Well, we have to remember that if we want to live longer and be there for our familes and friends, we must change our eating habits.  I think living longer is not such a bad trade.  So why can’t I stick to a plan and lose the weight?

There are so many weight loss plans on the market but what is the right plan for me?  How do you decide on a plan and stick to it?  Although I see the stars on TV representing a weight loss program, I feel as if they have the money to hire a personal trainer as well as a cook to help them meet their goals.  For us average income folks, there are other means of support.  For example employer’s are allowing employees to start a company based weight loss program to include weight loss challenges which really offer incentives as well as competition among work place employees who participate. 

Employer’s are also offering incentives to employees for reduced insurance premiums if they complete an health risk assessment as well as take online classes.  As employees complete the incentives, they then qualify for reduced premiums.  You may also get to enjoy fitness activities at work depending on the type of job you have.

For those of us who travel for our jobs and participate in client dinners, controlling what we eat can make it even harder to stay on track.   You may have to stick to a salad more times often then you would like to because of possible limited healthy choices.  Salads can be filled with tons of calories as well and sometimes may not be a good choice so you need to watch those as well. 

So I still ask myself, or should I say challenge myself to figure out the best plan.  I know off hand there are alot of things that I currently do that I shouldn’t for example continue to do such as:

  • Eating lunch out mostly everyday instead of bringing a meal into work
  • Eating dinner out when I should be cooking a healthy meal at home
  • Not allowing myself enough time for lunch which causes me to eat fast foods.  The one thing that I will do is always choose the kids meal in hopes that it won’t contain as may calories.

One day I will figure it out on how to stick to a plan to lose that 25 pounds I want.  Here are 15 tips on some ideas that I found online that may help.  Please leave your comments as well on what you have found that works for you:

     1. Find a diet plan that incorporate the foods that you love

   2.  Find a support group to help you through those rough patches

3.  Chart a diet plan that is going to be realistic for you.  No crash diets.  Crash diets can be dangerous and unhealthly

4.  Start a food diary to track what you eat

5.  Stop buying junk food.  If you don’t keep any in your house, then you won’t be tempted

6.  Control your portions — eat from a smaller plate so that it appears you have alot of food

7.  Eat at least 5 meals a day to help avoid hunger.  These 5 mini meals will keep your metabolism going

8.  Cook differently — nine times out of ten your family won’t notice

9.  Take your lunch to work everyday and pack healthy snacks

10.  Don’t forget to reward yourself for good behavior

11.  Be prepared by preparing meals in advance and snacks in advance also

12.  Weigh yourself regularly.  Don’t be afraid!

13.  If you fall off the wagon, remember you can get back on

14.  Learn your labels and know what foods you are putting into your body

15.  Celebrate your successes.  Reward yourself with something other then food.  Go to a movie or buy yourself a new pair of shoes.

These are my tips so hopefully I can use them!

Floretha Worley




2 comments on Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

  1. Chelsea W.
    July 20, 2013 at 9:06 pm (5 years ago)

    Number 9 and number 13 were the most important for me during my weight loss process. The worst thing that could happen was if I cheated a little, then felt so bad about it that I threw in the whole towel and ate horrible the rest of the day (or week)! Recognize that you’re human and make mistakes, and the just resolve to try harder!

  2. Karen
    July 22, 2013 at 4:11 pm (5 years ago)

    I am on a juice diet and the good news is that weight just falls off and quick and I am still getting good nutrition. The bad news is that you have to have a juicer, it is expensive and you can’t eat only drink juice. However, if you need to loose some weight fast, this is the way to do it. I lost 10 pounds my first week.

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