The Tooth Fairy is Getting Antsy!

You ever met a kid that absolutely REFUSED to allow their teeth to come out?  I thought most kids looked forward to getting their loose teeth out and putting them under the pillow at night to awake in the morning in awe and wonder at whatever the tooth fairy left under their pillow.  That’s pretty much how I remember my childhood.

My seven year old daughter, on the other hand, has never lost a tooth the “normal” way.  Her first tooth came out in a washcloth when my aunt was washing her face.  The second one just fell out when she was sitting in circle time in kindergarten and tumbled right onto the floor where the teacher had to pick it up for her (teachers really aren’t paid enough).  The third and fourth ones were basically knocked out by her younger brother wielding trucks and ride-on cars.  The fifth one came out in a bloody mess on a family beach vacation as she somehow managed to basically punch herself in the face as she was wrestling with the seat belt in the car (that was fun taking her to the grocery store with a bloodied shirt.  I kept halfway looking over my shoulder to make sure they weren’t sending the cops after me).  The sixth one she swallowed in the middle of the night and the tooth fairy was never able to collect on.

Here we are now at the seventh tooth.  You would think there would be some acceptance or routine by now and that she finally would have caught on to the normal sequence of events- the tooth gets wiggly, you wiggle it some more, back and forth, side to side, twist it around and out it pops in a matter of days.  Nope.  Not the case.  At all.  There is absolutely no physical bond holding that tooth to her head at this point.  It is just astounding.  The only thing holding that tooth in now is sheer will and determination.  This particular tooth once resided in the top right side of her mouth.  It is now hanging so far down that it looks like it belongs to the grouping of teeth on the bottom left side of her mouth.  I am mystified.

I keep telling her she has to get it out so she can properly brush her teeth and she keeps it in somehow and we have now been having this little argument for WEEKS.

If she is able to hold in a tooth with this kind of determination and tenacity, I can’t wait to see what kinds of things she can accomplish when she gets older.  I just she gets a scholarship because I’m pretty sure I can’t afford tuition for Stanford, Harvard or MIT.

Here’s hoping we wake up toothless in the morning.  Her, not me.  That would be some wicked karma!


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