Quick Tasty Ice Cream Treat

My son found this quick ice cream recipe treat that took little or no time to make.  The recipe started with a carton of ice cream softened, vanilla wafers crushed with butter which was layered on the bottom of the pan first.  We put the softened ice cream on top of the vanilla wafers and then put nuts on top of the ice cream.  We alternated this method two times and at the end we topped it off with nuts, sprinkles and chocolate.  Of course it is up to your imagination what will taste good as you top your treat off.  The longest part was the wait for the ice cream to harden back up in the freezer so that we could enjoy eating what we created.   I have to admit, I had doubts at first but I think I actually love this recipe.  I must say very tasty and a great kid treat.  I thought I would share since it really was a nice quick tasty treat.

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