Does a recipe need to be complicated to be good?

100_2805 100_2820 100_2824I say no way!  A recipe does not have to be complicated to be good.  I pride myself on cooking simple recipes especially during a work week.  Who has time in today’s society to cook complicated recipes with 15 to 20 ingredients?  I don’t.  I am by no means saying that I won’t clip and collect those complicated recipes with every intention of one day hoping to find time to cook what ever that dish may be.  It would definitely have to be a day that I am feeling extra relaxed and have nothing but time on my side.

I have to say that I have thought about spending all day in the kitchen trying to cook family meals for the week or even for the month in hopes of saving me a little time. maybe I am just a little lazy when it comes to cooking and I am perfectly OK with that assumption.  Maybe things would be different if I didn’t have to work.  I am sure if I did not have to work, that I would probably spend more time cooking then I do today.

Maybe I could give in and cook a gourmet meal and make my husband happy but then again, I don’t think that my husband expects it nor would my 9 year old son who would probably just turn his nose up and ask could he have macaroni and cheese.  So much for the gourmet meal…  Just like any other kid, my 9 year old could probably eat macaroni and cheese everyday and I don’t mind being frank when I say, I could care less.  I have come to terms in picking which battles I want to fight and what he eats for dinner is just not one of those battles I care to spend alot of time on.

I always say to myself, if I could take the time to cook one new recipe a week which would probably look a whole lot better to my husband instead of me collecting piles of recipes and never cooking any of them.  I am probably just not good at organizing and planning ahead in regards to what I am going to cook.  Unfortunately with all the other things I have on my plate to do, I just don’t make planning a meal a high priority.

I guess for now, I will just keep doing what I normally do which is figuring out what I am going to eat and cook that meal on the fly.  If that doesn’t work, then I guess I can always resort to take out…Why not keep the economy going by keeping restaurants in business…

Tell us your tips on how you cut down your cooking time or maybe you have a recipe for busy cooks.  We would love to hear from you!

I have included some pictures of my famous cookbooks that I have put together with all of the recipes that I will one day test….I promise!!




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