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Do you have a fat wallet?


Almost everyday a company is offering a new card that is supposed to help you save money and if you are like me, you don’t want to miss one deal.   My wallet has gotten so fat from all of the loyalty cards that I have stuffed in it that I have found myself sometimes looking for a bigger wallet.  Well there is a solution for reducing the amount of loyalty cards you carry around in your wallet and it is called the CardStar app.

The Cardstar App will lighten your wallet by moving your plastic loyalty cards, rewards and membership cards to your phone so you never miss out on a reward, discount or deal again. 

Check out the Cardstar App at for additional details and see if it is a good fit for you. 


Baking Soda Freshness

Baking SodaIf you are like me, you only use baking soda when you are going to cook something that calls for this ingredient.  Well in order for me to keep from choking anybody, I always test my baking soda for freshness by pouring 1/2 teaspoon vinegar or lemon juice over the baking soda.  If it does not fizz, then you know it is too old to be effective.  Throw it down the drain and purchase some more.

Saving you face…or at least my face…Floretha

Useful Maintenance Reminder Tool from Allstate

Property Maintenance

Not too long ago, I did a post on “Are there any useful cleaning tips for me”?   Well, a gentleman reached out to me and shared a link to Allstate’s website where they house a FREE useful maintenance reminder tool for your Home and Car

The tool can be used to simplify our busy lives in just a few minutes.  The tool will also allow you to learn about preventive maintenance and learn when to service your vehicles or when to perform maintenance tasks for your home.

Here is the link and I think you will find it quite interesting a few simple clicks you could be signed up in no time and have all your maintenance needs related to your home and car on track.  Don’t forget to sign up for convenient Alerts to your mobile phone or email as well.

Floretha WorleyProperty

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