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Meet Our September Girlfriend of the Month

Jerrie and Horse

Meet Jerrie….Ms. September!

Who Is She: Jerrie Rutlege

Age: 47(48 in two months)

Occupation: Change Manager at Bank of America

Why We think she is Girlfriend of the Month:

I met Jerrie about 6 years ago and I have to say I was immediately drawn to her and her personality. She is someone whom I admire very much. She is so comfortable in her own skin..(where I hope to be one day) and she epitomizes a strong, independent woman. She is such a positive person, has the most contagious smile and you can’t help but love her. She is successful at work, as a single mom and as a friend! After you read more about her, you will know why she is our Girlfriend of the Month. I just love her!!!!

How did you come to do what you are doing?

I have been fortuante to work for a large corporation over the past 20+ years. I have been able to work in a variety of roles and learn so many things.

Have you always been driven?

I have but it has come in many different forms. Some of my drive is survival and some of it is going for my dreams. I grew up poor in a very tough neighborhood. We were on welfare; there was crime and drugs. I vowed I did not want that for the rest of my life. I chose to get out of that enviroment through education, finding mentors and being persistent. I was also driven to be good at what I did. I had goals at work and I worked hard for each new role and promotion. I think I am able to apply the survivor mode into my drive to be what I want to be, to try new things, to learn new skills and keep me moving forward.

Does money motivate you?

Money is great-can’t lie there. It pays the bills and allows me to do the fun things I do. But I would not say it is my motivator in ally situations. I have taken jobs for the learning and opportunity without worrying about the pay raise or other money factors. The new skills, capabilities and knowledge can be so much more valuable than the initial promise of money.

If money doesn’t motivate you, what does?

I am also motivated by how I feel when I am involved in something I enjoy. I have had a passion for horses since I was very young. I am in a place in life now that I can truly enjoy it and share this with my daughter. My passion motiveates me to find time to be at the barn, to be up EARLY for horse shows with my daughter and to learn about horses. Having a passion for something helps motivate me for sure. Now if I can only devleop a passion for the gym….

What is your defintion of success and what makes you feel successful?

Success for me is being happy in your skin and the life you are in. Success is not just about money, it is not about power, I think success is about making thoughtful choices and going for it! Success is living happy, giving to others, and reaching for your dreams!

How do you chase away the bad thought demons or those nasty gremlins of self-doubt?

Oh, and those gremlins like to follow me around! Work and life can be tough! There are many opportunities to doubt yourself and your actions. I have learned to not fight the fates and as a very close friend of mine always says “everything happens for a reason”. I truly believe that and when something does not go my way; I have learned it’s usually for the best! I am also so thankful for the wonderful group of friends I have around me. They keep me from going to my own pity party. They encourage me, remind me of my strengths, make me laugh and help me keep it real. Also, a skill taught to me by another amazing friend is critical reflection. Use reflection to think about situations you are in or just occurred. What went wrong, what could have been done differently, what would you do next time. Its just as powerful in what went right, what role did you play and how can you do that again! It takes the doubt away and empowers you and keeps the gremlins at bay!

Who inspires you?

Girlfriends of course! I have several friends who inspire me for different reasons. I have a very good friend who is an amazing caretaker. I am so inspired of her ability to give in so many situations and make people around her feel special and taken care of. I always feel better just being around her and it makes me want to try harder to be a better person. I also have friends who dedicate so much of their time to helping animals and work tirelessly to foster, rehome and rehabilitate them. It is a blessing to witness people following their passion and their love for something. I have friends who are strong businesswomen and still keep it real. They have inspired me in my career, my learning and how to be professional and still be me.

Have you ever had any mentors or been able to mentor somebody?

I love mentors! I truly owe so much to the people who have mentored me. I think having a variety of mentors is a must. Each mentor can provide a view into very different aspects of your life. You can have a mentor on presenting, on planning, on career development, and I like having a different mentor on each skill or area you are working on. I think its important to set up a formal plan of what you hope a mentor can provide to you, help them understand your expectations, check in often, listen to them and share in success for both of you! I mentor people too…and its s gift to share. I have had lots of great success and feel so happy when you can help someone learn something new, guide them, and share your experiences.

Do you believe in luck?

I do believe in luck, fate, and chance. Some things I feel are just unexplainable! I have had wonderful experiences where I can’t explain what happened as anything but luck! I do believe that luck is balanced with choices and actions too!

What kind of advice would you give other women reading this interview?

Give yourself a break. Love who you are. Surround yourself with good people and friends. Get a mentor to help you. Give, give, and give…it feels sooooo good and in giving you grow and you never know some poor scrappy kid you help could use that help to turn their life around . Keep a log of things and time when you felt happiest.

What makes you happy?

I really enjoy being crafty. It takes me away from the stresses of the day. Nothing like paint and a glue gun! I also really enjoy trail riding – so peaceful and can’t help smile from ear to ear with the beautiful scenery and nature at its best!

How important is having girlfriends to you?

VERY IMPORTANT! I am so “lucky” to have some of the most amazing girlfriends ever. They are accomplished, funny, inspiring, intelligent, warm, caring and are always there for me. My girlfriends are fascinating, from the lives they lead, the things they are involved in the relationships they have, the careers they have….I learn so much from them.

What are you thankful for?

I am thankful for the many chances I get to keep trying to figure out who I will be when I grow up. I am thankful for my love for horses and how it has offered me something to share with my teenage daughter as she grows up and wants less mommy time. I am also thankful our horse is the man in her life for now! Ha! I am thankful for my friendships and how each one has helped me grow.

What time do you get up in the morning?

Usually 6 or 6:30. On weekends the dogs will sometimes let me sleep in until 7:30!

What is your one indulgence or splurge?

I guess wine could be an indulgence – I love a good glass of wine! My splurge is anything horse related. I am always buying some type of gizmo I know I just need!

Squat Challenge! – Are You Up For It?

Hello Girlfriends!!!

Are you ready to push yourself and accomplish a goal? This will have great benefits to your body and you will not be doing it alone. Join us in this Squat Challenge for the next 30 days. Let’s see if we can tighten our butts and firm our legs…..mine definitely needs it…

We will start on Monday, August 19th. Follow the schedule below and as we go through this together, leave us some comments and let us know how you are doing. We all want to know when you encounter difficulty with your bathroom breaks and resorted to Depends because you can no longer get up off the toliet!

Work Those Legs!

Work Those Legs!

Gallery Crawl In South End

Food Truck Friday!!!

Food Truck Friday!!!

Need a fun way to start your weekend? Come out an join us this coming Friday August 2nd for a gallery crawl in the South End area and there is a bonus with Food Truck Friday! I (Amy) love art, the creativity involved and can not wait to oooh and ahhh over all the masterpieces…..but I have to say I am super excited about the “Food Trucks.” All of the choices makes me giddy….wish I did not like food so much…but I do.

Please come out and join the GUTS girls for some relaxed fun. We will meet at 6:30 in the Food Truck area which is at the corner of Camden Avenue and Park Road. We will start with some food and meander through the galleries. Bring friends and enjoy!

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