Girlfriend of the Month

Meet our June 2013 GUTS Girlfriend of the Month!

Chelsea Whitten Photo

Name: Chelsea Whitten

Age: 27

Occupation: Electrical Engineer

Why we think she is Girlfriend of the Month material:

In addition to being successful in a very male-dominated occupation, she manages to find time to run the wellness program in her office, coach CrossFit classes and be a part-time guest blogger.  No doubt in our mind that she is girlfriend material.


Q. How do you define success?

A. Success is when you and those around you recognize that you have worked hard to achieve something, and then achieved it. There is a huge social component to success as well as a personal one. Though the personal one should be more important, the social part of it has always heightened the experience for me. Having others acknowledge your accomplishment makes you feel good.


Q. What makes you feel successful?

A. I feel successful when I set a goal, work hard, and then achieve it. This could be anything from getting a list of errands and chores done in a day, to studying for a licensing test for my job and passing or learning a new exercise at the gym and practicing until I master it. There is always something new to conquer and learn, and the continuing experience of challenging myself and succeeding is what makes me feel successful.


Q. What traits or characteristics of yours do you most attribute to your success?  Where does your drive come from?

A. I think a personal love of learning (all sorts of things) has always been my driving force and what has made me successful. If you don’t have an interest in something and a desire to learn, it is very difficult to be successful. That being said, I am certainly not interested in everything, and my interest in other things waxes and wanes over time. Choosing the things that most interest me and keep me passionate to put my time into is also an important factor in my success. 


Q. Have you always been driven or did you find that quality later in life?  If you found it later, what was it that motivated you?

A. I think I have always been driven. It helped that my parents and family were encouraging of my successes, and held high expectations for me. I wanted to live up to their expectations, and even surpass them. 


Q. What makes you happy, peaceful or contented?

A. Good food, friends and family, and making small improvements every day at work, at the gym, and at home makes me happy. I also take comfort in checking off lists!


Q. Who inspires you?

A. The people around me, especially when they do small things for each other without asking just to help each other out. The kindness of community has always been the most meaningful to me.


Q. Do you have a personal song, anthem or mantra?

A. I don’t have a song, but I do have a couple of latin phrases that I love. One is “Acerbus et Ingens” which means “Fierce and Mighty”. Another is “Temet Nosce” which means “Know Thyself”.


Q. What is your one indulgence/splurge?

A. Food! I spend money on the best grassfed beef, organic veggies, and high quality oils because I know that putting good fuel into my body makes me feel awesome. Also, I just love to eat!


Q. How do you chase away the bad thought demons or the nasty gremlins of self-doubt?

A. By recognizing where those feelings are stemming from. Most of the time, all it takes is some self-awareness of why you are feeling doubtful or bad, and thinking about it in a broader context to make you realize that things really aren’t so bad.


Q. What time do you get up in the morning?

A. After the sun comes up, preferably! I don’t like getting up in the dark.




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